Red Belt Board Breaking Information

At the rank of Red Belt, the student continues to make a power demonstration at each testing.

Typically, children will break only a single board at each station while adults typically break two boards. At Red Belt, the minimum testing requirement is for the student to break using two different techniques, one hand and one foot, at each testing. You and your instructor should decide what breaking techniques you should use, however, you should not use the same technique as you have used before unless it is on a different side or you are breaking more boards at that station than you did last time. The instructor’s job is to guide the student in selecting techniques, which are appropriate for the student’s ability and will provide the student with sufficient challenge.

Testing Procedures

At testing, the student is given three chances to break his/her board stations. Sometimes the instructor may allow additional attempts if he or she feels it is appropriate. Students should be prepared to set up their board break stations quickly, and with a minimum of practice attempts.

When ready, the student will face the judges and bow, then begin their breaking attempts. It is not appropriate to make additional practice attempts after bowing to the judges. If you do not break all stations, you may take time to adjust any station and then bow in again. Always stop and bow in to the judges before making each additional attempt.