The Aregis Taekwondo Center Student Guide [PRINT GUIDE]


Information needed for testing:


Testing Definitions - Students are responsible for knowing this information to their current ranking. This information is a student study guide for testing success.

ManualGreen.pngTenets of Taekwondo - Students must know the Tenets of Taekwondo and their meaning. As a student’s training progresses, the student will learn the importance of applying the Tenets into everyday life.

ManualGreen.pngStudent Oath - The Student Oath reinforces the Tenets of Taekwondo and further exemplifies the results of practicing the Tenets.

Other information the student should know:

ManualBlue.pngStudent Regulations - The Student Regulations are the requirements for good behavior in the school. As the regulations are practiced in the school students develop positive behaviors in everyday life.

ManualRed.pngTerminology -  Modern Taekwondo studies date back many years throughout Korean history. Students may hear some of the frequently used Korean terms. Have fun learning a few Korean words!

ManualBlack.pngColor Belt Manual - This information is additional information to help the student better understand training.

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